Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Welcome all to RajarshiShahuMaharaj UrbanMultistae unique, professional and hospitable culture! Please feel at home.

At the outset, I will narrate how RajarshiShahuMaharaj UrbanMultistaeSocietycame into existence. Since long I was thinking about the unemployed youth in our Society who had no resources to settle in life, not knowing whom to approach, where to find resources and which path to follow and witness their ideas getting converted to reality. I shared my thoughts with my friends from similar school of thoughts, as I alone could not have achieved much. Thus the thought of credit cooperative society took shape resulting in the birth of RajarshiShahuMaharaj UrbanMultistae Society.

In the begining, we pooled in our own resources to lay the foundation of a Society, meant for helping the society at large. On the auspicious day of 26st june2012, the Society started its operations under the name RajarshiShahuMaharaj Urban Multistate Cooperative Credit Society Ltd.

The SocieRajarshiShahuMaharaj UrbanMultistae initially began operations in majalgaon. The people of Belgaum and surrounding areas responded overwhelmingly and gave commendable deposits and showed keen interest in our loan schemes as well. In just a few days, RajarshiShahuMaharaj UrbanMultistaeSocietywas rightly justifying the name chosen for it.

This was not the triumph of the Society but that of the people who joined RajarshiShahuMaharaj UrbanMultistaeSocietyFamily with faith and confidence instilled in the organization. I say RajarshiShahuMaharaj UrbanMultistaeSociety Family because this Society was started keeping in mind the clear social objectives finance is not the only GATEWAY for the development of society. Housing, Health, Education, Environment, Harmony etc.

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